Video Game Addiction Treatment – Five Intervention Methods

In contrast to the early years of interactive electronic entertainment, video games today are a multi-billion dollar industry with revenues that regularly exceed box office receipts at the movies.

People play computer, handheld, and console games to relax, to socialize with others, and to reduce stress. When used in these ways they can be a relatively harmless and enjoyable activity. In fact, most people (children, teens, and adults) can and do play computer games in moderation and without harmful consequences.

However, for some people gaming can morph from a simple hobby into a destructive addiction. Although the research on exactly how many gamers become addicted is still developing, it is commonly estimated to be in the 5 – 10% range.

Given that millions of people play video games, even this low estimate translates into thousands and thousands of individuals who may be suffering from addiction.

What options are available for those who play online computer games vip168 far too much?

1. Individual therapy with a psychologist or counsellor

In general, cognitive-behavioral therapy is the recommended treatment modality for addressing obsessive gaming habits. It is best to select a psychologist who has experience treating video game or internet addiction if this is an option. If a specialist is not available, try to choose a therapist who is at least familiar with the culture of online gaming and is open to the idea that video games can be addictive.

2. Family therapy

Although this is less common with adult gamers, family therapy is often a great option for children or teens who are addicted to computer games. The psychologist examines the entire family system and develops interventions involving all members of the family.

3. In-patient treatment services

These facilities specialize in helping individuals overcome video game addiction and often involve extended stays on site – perhaps 30 days or more. Fees are typically very high (tens of thousands of dollars) making it prohibitively expensive for most.