Top 3 SEC Football Teams For 2009 College Football Season

At the present moment, the Florida Gators are the sure shot winners of the SEC with not a single team in sight who can match up to them.

There are of course the LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss. LSU and Alabama are the better teams of the lot but Ole Miss might have a breakout season this year. The chances aren’t that great though for Ole Miss. Georgia is another team to watch out for with Mark Richt guiding them forth. However, it is highly unlikely that any of these teams would be able to get away with the title by defeating the Gators.

Hence, currently it is safe to predict that the Gators will win the trophy this time as well making it their second time in a row. What happens to the rest of rankings is actually what is interesting right now. Let’s take a look at the Gators and the other two teams that at the top 3 for SEC this season.

Florida Gators – There’s nothing much to say about this team except for how they completely dominated the conference. They completely routed Georgia, LSU and Alabama on their way to spectacularly defeating Oklahoma to win the national title. Those who think that this amazing performance cannot be repeated should think again. The entire 2009 team is the same as the 2008 time with Percy Harvin being the only exception. That means Tim Tebow is back at the quarterback position and all the starters, yes each ufabet บอลออนไลน์  and every one of them are returning this season. Only a sudden change can stop them now.

LSU Tigers – They are not going to be able to stand against the Gators but they are likely to win the West. Theirs is a team that has comparatively fewer weaknesses than the rest of the teams below them in the division. Their quarterback Jordan Jefferson has been a great last season and he could make 2009 a breakout season with the help of players like wideout Brandon LaFell and tailback Charles Scott he can really make things happen for the Tigers. The defensive portion of the team is quite good with Harry Coleman in the team still. Once they improve on their offense, they are very likely to go for the West title that is currently held by Alabama.

Alabama Crimson Tide – Everyone’s completely in awe of Nick Saban right now and many believe that the Crimson Tide is going to be a great team from now till kingdom come. They are forgetting a major fact here. John Parker Wilson (Quarterback), Andre Smith (Offensive tackle) and Glen Coffee (tailback) have all left this season. These were the top performers of last year and Saban is to replace all three. Even though the man has been great at recruiting in recent time, it is uncertain whether Alabama will regain all of the lost force. They may win the SEC West title but they have to play much harder now.