Side Effects of Fish Oil – How to Prevent Them & Still Reap the Health Benefits

There are some people that take 6 or more omega 3 fish oil pills and experience no side effects. Others may take less than that and experience some side effects.

Omega 3 dosage varies according to your condition but most people can take between 4-6 a day and experience no side effects. So make sure you ask your doctor what is your best dosage.

Don’t be alarmed by the term ‘side effects” though. Usually these are quite minor:

Foul Smell

Really, what can you really expect from fish? One of the common complaints among those who take omega 3 supplements is their fishy breath. It’s actually strong enough that no amount of mint can completely remove the smell away. And because every time you breathe or talk you get to smell it, there’s a chance that you would also develop nausea.

What you can do is to look for high- quality fish oil supplements. Usually, those that cause bad breath are the cheapest in the market. Cheap fish oil is often derived from the from the fish’s head. Go for those who produce fish oil from the fish’s body.

Loose Smelly Stool

Your body produces certain oils. If you take too much fish  YK 11 SARMs oil, you body tries to get rid of excess oil through bowel movement. It doesn’t come as a surprise therefore if your stool will become loose and smells fishy. If you’re bothered with it, you can just adjust downward, the fish oil dosage you’re taking.


Omega 3 oil is known as a blood thinner. Therefore, if you are on anti-coagulants of any kind, consult with your doctor before taking omega3. Taking both omega 3 and blood thinners could result in excessive bleeding

Note To Diabetes Suffers

Those who are suffering from diabetes may have to see their doctor before they try to take any fish oil supplement.

Though DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids found in omega 3, can lower cholesterol, it can also reduce the glucose level, which can then be extremely dangerous to diabetes sufferers.

Reducing Side Effects