Second Bachelorhood – Hosting Football Parties With Satellite TV

Last year my sons graduated high school and went off to college. I couldn’t be happier about it, but since then I have been in continual search of ways to keep myself occupied now that I don’t have to drive anyone to sports practice, shout to turn down that damn loud music, or just generally keep an eye on the antics of two teenage boys. Ironically after all that damn loud music, I missed the noise ad ruckus, and having all my kid’s friends over at the house hanging out.

The answer was obvious: it was time to start hanging out with my own friends again! I was finally free to host parties on my on terms again. So I got busy. Years ago I caved into the persistent requests of two certain people and got satellite TV, but I was still watching it on a small, ancient set.

I hit the all the electronics stores in the area and spent hours online before selecting a stunning, 42-inch Plasma HD flat screen TV. Have you ever seen the movie A Christmas Story, where the little boy wants a BB gun for Christmas? He writes an essay and when he looks back over what he has written, “A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time,” he can do nothing but sigh with ufabet สมาชิกเว็บแทงบอล the perfection of his composition “Poetry. Sheer poetry.” I feel like that kid; just saying the words 42-inch plasma High Definition television make me feel precisely like I’m reading poetry, or like a kid on Christmas morning. Won’t my sons be surprised when they come home for winter break and see what I’ve done in their absence?

Once I had the new TV I knew it wouldn’t be hard to coax my friends over for some good parties. I invested in the NFL Sunday Ticket, which works out perfectly since within my diverse group of buddies there are a LOT of different favorite teams. I could easily anticipate that everyone would want to be keeping an eye on a different game, and to see highlights and stats as they came in from matches across the country.

For my initial fiesta I went all out. I bought really good beer, I whipped up some home-made guacamole, a seven-layer bean dip, and had plenty of other snacks on hand. It was a huge hit. Many of my friends still have kids at home, and they couldn’t entirely hide the flicker of jealousy that hit them as they gawked at my shiny new purchase and my re-entry into a bachelor lifestyle. The NFL Sunday Ticket was an even bigger hit than I predicted. Later I got a fun phone call from one of the wives, who good-naturedly chewed me out for causing her husband to get it first thing when he got home that evening.