How to Remove a Tag on a Facebook App or Game

Numerous Facebook clients today are utilizing different applications and games on this top online media website. These apparatuses are useful and can engage individuals however they have their hindrances too.

Most recent insights show that there are at present 9,000,000 Facebook applications. As far as games, the most famous game up on this site is Farmville with in excess of 400,000 individuals playing it each and every day.

Zynga is the organization behind these broadly played applications that incorporates Farmville, Cityville and Texas Hold Em Poker. This internet games organization contributes 15% of Facebook income.

A disadvantage of these applications and games is their capacity to label individuals, even the people who don’t wish to be labeled. This happens when one of your companions play or utilize an application and afterward taps on a button there that labels every one individuals in his rundown. The before you know it, you as of now have a warning or you’ve been labeled in an application.

At the point when this occurs, the individuals who were incorporated will get a post on their divider advising them that this individual sent a game solicitation or they have been labeled in an application that posts photographs.

In the event that you’d prefer not to have individuals haphazardly labeling you, Facebook permits its clients to effectively untag themselves from an application or game.

It’s by means of the security settings segment that you can change what you really want to change.

Step by step instructions to Remove a Tag on a Facebook App or Game

If you don’t need this to occur, there are straightforward สเต็ปบอล advances you can take.

To start with, go to your protection settings by tapping the down bolt on the upper right hand corner adjacent to Home.

On the security settings page, go to Apps and Websites and snap Edit Settings.

The following page will show you a few choices.

Pick how individuals carry data to the applications they use and snap the Edit Settings button.

Another window will show different choices and boxes next to each.

To prevent individuals from labeling you, uncheck the My Photos box and hit Save.

Making this move will presently do exclude you in the applications and games that individuals utilize that can label their companions. It’s insufficient that you demand your companions and associations with quit labeling you when they use applications on Facebook.

The writing is on the wall. Presently you can handle whether or not individuals can connect you with Facebook applications.