Ashanti Queen Mother: Gatekeeper To The King

Anybody looking for a crowd of people with the Asantehene, King of Ashanti, should initially acquire the help of the Queen Mother, Ohemaa. The Queen Mother has her own castle at Manhyia in Kumasi, Ghana, not a long way from the King’s royal residence, and when she holds court she sits on her stool upheld by a gathering of respected ladies. What follows delineates the significant job that the Queen Mother plays in keeping up with antiquated customs in the cutting edge world.

On Tuesday morning, Kwame went with Comfort and Auntie Rose to their crowd with the Queen Mother of Ashanti. Albeit the Queen Mother’s court was less formal than that of the King, there were still conventions to be noticed. Kwame was happy Comfort had kept one of his old Kente materials with the goal that he could show up before Nana reasonably attired. He depended on Comfort to direct him tenderly through the long-laid out techniques and finally he had a chance to express his business.

He wound up putting forth his viewpoint before a committee of harmless grandmas, sitting mindfully in line on one or the other side of their Ohemaa. He felt quickly calm in this delicate female feel. Not being certain the way that the royals saw the medications exchange, he chose to take a separated position. He made sense of how Kofi Adjare, an extraordinary etymologist, had been occupied with IT support Kent a Kumasi-based business sending out to the UK. While Kofi was working in Britain a few issues had emerged with the specialists that brought about Kofi and others being detained. After his delivery and return to Ghana, and the passings of two elderly folks, Kofi understood that the business was falling flat and chose to leave and accept up an arrangement as Comfort’s driver. Anyway he had been hijacked by his previous partners. As Kofi’s companions they were arguing for a group of people with Otumfuo, to look for his assistance in acquiring Kofi’s delivery.

The Queen Mother counseled her gathering of seniors and inquired as to whether this send out business was in any capacity associated with the import of shoes. Solace answered that in spite of the fact that there had been a connection in the times of Mama Kate the connection was currently broken. She guaranteed the Queen Mother that assuming she were allowed to be enstooled as shoe sovereign she would ensure that there would be no reconnection of the two exercises. This carried a weak grin to the imperial lips and supporting nots along the line of councilors.

After more murmuring among the gathering individuals the Queen Mother said that she could see that the matter was dire, as Kofi could be at serious risk. They would do everything they could to safeguard his semantic abilities and store of oral writing. She would allow them a crisis crowd with the King on the following day. Kwame offered his thanks and inquired as to whether it would be a conventional meeting expecting him to bring a language specialist. The Queen Mother grinned again and said she couldn’t help suspecting that Kwame was well ready to represent himself. He expressed gratitude toward her for this thoughtful commendation.